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In a remote side of the Universe, two women meet in a hotel's room.

A hotel which floats in Space, directionless.

As they share nostalgic memories about their lives, a mysterious man is spying on them from the room next door.

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A Starker Films Production


Directed by Roberto Prestia

Designed by Lili Lea Abraham

CAST:  Sacha Plaige - Earth

 Eva Abel - Her

            Pietro Denaro - Man

Written & Produced by

Roberto Prestia & Lili Lea Abraham


Roberto Prestia & Irina Cernea


Prop Makers

Sam Griffiths, Keeley Sheppard

Sound Mix

Francesco Corazzi


U. Giordano - Andre Chinier

performed by Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender 


performed by Eino Rautavaara



NASA Archive

Private SNAFUThe Home Front, US Army, Warner Bros Cartoon



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